Targeting Your Hometown

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This week the dart sent our crews to the community of Paradise in Muhlenberg County. Although the town no longer exists, its' legend and name remains.

In the 1930s coal was discovered beneath the small community of Paradise. A small "gold" mine, Peabody Coal ended up buying the town and mining it for the coal. Less than a mile down river lies TVA Paradise, one of the country's largest coal-fired power plants.

TVA currently operates 11 fossil plants (of which Paradise is one), three nuclear plants and approximately 50 hydro-turbines on various rivers. This facility is TVA's second largest power plant, producing 24 mega-watts of power everyday.

Located along the Green River, the plant first came online in 1962. A decade later, the plant nearly doubled in size. TVA Paradise is Muhlenberg County's third largest company, employing more than 550 residents.

However, the coal business has always meant big business for residents here. In the early 1900s the coal supply put Muhlenberg County on the map. In the 1970s and 80s the industry employed more than 3,500 people.

The power produced at TVA Paradise goes directly onto the TVA power-grid which can then be distributed anywhere in a seven-state region.