Congressman Whitfield Addresses Budget Concerns

Senator Mitch McConnell say this year marks the first in 20 years that Congress has gone without an appropriations bill for the president to sign.

McConnell remains concerned about Congress being behind a clean veterans bill, a middle-class tax hike and the controversial SCHIP bill.

Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-1st District) says he addressed the House this year about a different way to handle the budget and appropriations.

"The first year you focus on the budget. The second year you focus on the appropriation process. During that first year you also focus on the substantive law needs like health care, education, transportation and agriculture--all the substantive things," Congressman Whitfield explained.

Whitfield also stated in order for his budget plan to take effect, both appropriators and Speaker of the House Jody Richards still need convincing.

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