Local Dentists Offer Money for Halloween Treats

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If you don't want your kids scarfing down all that Halloween candy after trick-or-treating, you're not alone. Two area dentists are offering money for your kids' Halloween goodies.

Dr. Eli Jackson and Brad Graham are promising one dollar for every pound of Halloween candy, and you don't have to be a patient to participate.

All you have to do is bring in your candy on the day after Halloween and get it weighed.

All donated candy will be shipped to troops overseas.

Dr. Graham said they see first hand the damage candy can do to children's teeth.

"The worse type of candy is any type of jawbreaker or anything that says sugar-baby or sugar-daddy. Those always pull out fillings," Dr. Graham explained.


  • The day after Halloween, Nov. 1, 2007, bring your child/children with the candy they want to donate to the troops overseas to Chandler Park Dental Care, 1857 Tucker Way, between 2 and 6 p.m.

  • The candy will be weighed and your child will be payed a dollar per pound of candy.

  • Your child will also receive a light saber toothbrush (while supplies last)

  • The donated candy will then be shipped to troops overseas.

  • If you're not sure where the office is located, or have questions, you can call 270-781-2952.

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