Local Lawmakers React to Lawsuit Against Patton

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South central Kentucky legislators respond to news of allegations surrounding Paul Patton. Tina Conner is suing Gov. Patton, alleging that he unleashed state regulators on her nursing home to get back at her for breaking off an affair.

In that lawsuit, Tina Conner says Patton rewarded her for an affair, then turned on her two years later when she ended it.

Conner managed the Birchtree Healthcare Center in Hickman County. Last December, that center was fined $16,000 for being understaffed. She says it was because she decided to call it quits with the governor. In 2000, Patton did appoint Conner to the Kentucky Lottery board. He says it was because he needed a strong business person from the Western part of the state. The Cabinet for Human Resources says the December inspection was just a regularly scheduled visit.

Last week, the Birchtree Health Care Center filed for bankruptcy. Rep. Steve Nunn told Newscenter 13 that, "I'm sad and distressed for the families involved." Meanwhile, Sen. Brett Guthrie said, "My hope is that the governor is not involved in this."