Building Moratorium

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Bowling Green's City Commission voted Tuesday to enact a moratorium on building. The act prevents the issuing of new building permits or any zoning changes.

The moratorium covers 27 square blocks of downtown beginning at 8th Avenue and going all the way to the city's new Riverfront Park. City officials said the moratorium is in place to prevent individuals from spending money, in places that may eventually see a change.

The suspension of construction has raised some questions among residents and downtown business owners. Homeowners are allowed to do a number of things such as: fix a roof, add siding or even paint. Any cosmetic action is allowed, as long as the action doesn't require a building permit.

The City/County Planning Commission said there are no exceptions, other than emergency situations stemming from Mother Nature. The moratorium is in place until January 2003 when a study detailing the proposed changes will be released.