Hometown Hero

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Stories of life in Muhlenberg County now line shelves and live on in the minds of many thanks to one duo.

Drakesville native Philip Dale Smith and his daughter Lisa Kay Hauser recently authored the novel "Turn Back Time." The novel profiles Smith's parents and their life in Drakesboro. Last year, the book won the Benjamin Franklin Award for popular fiction.

Now they've written a sequel, "Sunshine & Shadow." The highly anticipated novel is one that fans and local residents have been looking forward to reading.

In town for the national debut, the couple took time to speak with students at Drakesboro Elementary School. It's something they do often. Father and daughter tour the country talking to youth through a program they call "Every Kid A Winner," which has a goal of inspiring kids and offering a creative writing lesson.

Drakesboro Elementary hosted the national debut of the new Muhlenberg novel Saturday morning.

Oddly enough the school has also produced yet another literary icon, Peggy Parish. Once a schoolteacher, she's now the award-winning author of the children series "Amelia Bedelia."

They both live in the big city now, but haven't forgotten about their small-town roots. Together, father and daughter have written not one, but three novels.