WKU Homecoming Sees Tremendous Turnout

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It was an event that brought blaring speakers, hamburger grills, and a sea of red jerseys. But this year's Homecoming at Western Kentucky was different from previous years.

Students and alumni flooded the campus for the first Homecoming since the football program was moved to Division 1-A.

It's a tremendous turnout on Western Kentucky's campus and everyone is sporting the red. And even though it's a little chilly for some, this event has brought together a community of current students, future Hilltoppers and alumni.

"The main thing is, I'm just trying to find some people I went to school with," said Gary Jones, a WKU alumni.

"I hadn't been out here in about two years for a Homecoming tailgate, but it's really wonderful and I'm enjoying the atmosphere and I'm seeing people that I haven't seen in years and we're having a blast," Dee Maxey added.

But there's a reason why the crowd is so thick this year. It's the first Homecoming game on Western's campus since the Hilltoppers made the move to division 1-A.

"We're playing bigger schools and I think that's a good turn for the university," Maxey explained.

"I think people are just anxious to see how things are going to turn out football-wise," Jones added.

But regardless of the final score, this Homecoming's brought together a crowd who agree, this is one game, they wouldn't miss.

"Glad to see the turnout we have and the weather's cooperated. I think it's going to be an outstanding evening for football," Jones said.

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