Thrift Stores Battle Toy Recall

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Goodwill sorts and organizes toys before being placed on shelves. But the recent toy recalls have made that job a lot tougher.

"We get hundreds of toys weekly and it's something that worries us, that we're constantly picking through," said Lynette Mack, assistant manager at Goodwill.

Goodwill uses a book from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Each page has a picture and description of every toy that's been recalled.

"We've been reluctant to put any Mattel or Fisher Price out at all," Mack said.

"It shocked me that Fisher Price was involved," added Lynette's daughter, Michelle Mack.

Parents like Michelle say they're more cautious now when shopping for their kids.

"It does make me real nervous involving the lead paint. I have a one year old child who chews and eat everything she gets her hands on," Michelle said.

It comes at a bad time for Christmas shoppers, who say it'll be hard buying gifts this year.

"It's really made it hard because I don't know what to buy. A small child like this makes it really hard because we don't know what to get that would be safe for him this year," said grandparent Michelle Sprowles.

Lynette Mack says in September alone, the list of recalled toys grew to 43. But it's not just toys that Goodwill has to be concerned about. The store has had to get rid of childrens' playpens and cribs too.

"We take our fist and if our fist fits through the side rails, a baby's head could fit through too, so automatically we don't sell them, we dispose of them," Lynette explained.

She says it's the store policy that if there's any question at all, a toy is tossed.

Visit for a complete list and more information on hazardous toys that have been recalled.

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