Hometown Hero: Missing Heroes

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More than 10,000 American soldiers sent to fight wars in Korea and Vietnam are still missing. The third Friday in September is set aside to honor those soldiers who are prisoners-of-war or still missing-in-action.

One area woman is hoping to keep the memory of a family member and countless others alive. In the early 1940's, 21-year-old James Edward Kinkade of Butler County left for basic training and never returned home.

Kinkade was sent overseas to fight on the frontlines and his body was never recovered. The government declared his body non-recoverable, however, that never stopped his family from wondering of his fate. In 1995, his niece Bonnie Tuck hoped to resolve the uncertainty. She once again questioned the government for answers, but only received a monument honoring her uncle.

This year, she's begun a new search with the Department of Defense. It says the investigation could take several months, but may never turn up anymore answers.

For those of you who may have a similar situation, you can contact the Department of Defense at: 1-800-892-2490 or www.dtic.mil/dpmo

Hometown Television salutes all of those "hometown heroes" who never came home.