Teenage Girls Getting in More Accidents

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"I think there's been a tremendous change in young drivers today."

William Cox has been a driver education instructor for many years. He's noticed the amount of teenage girls getting in accidents.

"There are more girls that are driving at a younger age then did several years ago."

Statistics from the Department of Transportation show over the past 10 years the number of 15-20 year old girls killed in car crashes has risen by 42 percent.

"I think it's probably true. Because girls, some, are careless. They don't think about what they do as much as they used to."

Elizabeth Ford will take her drivers license exam in January. She says she learned to drive sitting on her father's lap when she was much younger. She has confidence that she knows enough to succeed on the roads.

"I think I'm a good driver."

Natalie Baucum is also taking the test in January.

"I got my permit over the summer. I've been driving a little bit since then. I'm excited to get it, but I'm nervous."

Natalie is concerned about distractions once she gets her license.

"Honestly, sometimes I concentrate but not all the time. I'm always worried about the radio or how I look. I'm never totally concentrating on the road."

If you are the parent of a teenage girl that is about to get or already has her license there is a website that may be of some help to you. It’s called Safe Smart Women and the address is www.S2W.org. It is written in teenspeak and has risks tips and facts.