Caudill Pleads Guilty

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Former Warren County Attorney Mike Caudill pleaded guilty to two counts of theft in Warren Circuit Court on Wednesday morning.

Caudill, who served as County Attorney for more than 25 years, admitted to illegally transferring $56,100 from the County Attorney's bad check collection account into his personal business account. He also admitted to transferring $8,000 from a personal injury client's account into his personal business account, as well.

As part of a plea agreement, Caudill will be sentenced to two one-year prison sentences, set to run concurrently with each other and a federal sentence to be handed down soon. Caudill and his attorney, David Broderick, have filed a plea agreement in Federal Court as well.

In the federal plea, Caudill pleads guilty to charges he paid himself $15,000 from the County Attorney's child support account for work he never performed.

Caudill, appearing ill and struggling to speak, appeared alongside Broderick to enter his plea before Circuit Judge John Grise.

Caudill will begin paying restitution to the county for the $56,100 in $300-a-month payments beginning January 1.

"That's something he and I counseled about for a long time. This is an acceptance of responsibility on his part, so one chapter of his life he can close, and hopefully successfully get through what is a significant medical problem at this time," Broderick said

"We're pleased that it's resolved, and I think the people of Warren County can be satisfied that the matter was looked into, it was investigated thoroughly, and we're pleased with the resolution of the case," said Assistant Attorney General Scott Crawford-Sutherland.

"Mike's health condition is very serious, and I guess for Mike's well-being it's a relief, and for the citizens of Warren County we've come to a conclusion of the matter," Broderick said.

Broderick says Caudill is awaiting open heart surgery, which may affect the timeline of his sentencing in both federal and state courts.

When asked if Caudill felt remorse for his actions, Broderick responded "Absolutely, I think you could tell by seeing him."