Hay Availability

Winter may be over two months away, but right now is the time for area cattle farmers to make certain they will have the right amount of hay to get through the upcoming season.

Warren County's agricultural extension agent Luther Smith says dry conditions this past summer cut down on hay production. That forced some farmers to use up some of their feed. He says those farmers did not have as much pasture going into the fall season as they usually have.

However, one Warren County cattle farmer and hay producer has been fortunate. Ronnie Hargett tells Hometown Television that he's had the right amount of rains in a timely manner, which greatly helped the quality of his hay. He says the moisture his fields received gave added nutrients to the ground, which are beneficial to cattle.

Hargett has been shipping hay to southern states such as Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee, areas of the country that have been plagued by drought in 2002.