Flu Shots Given

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"My husband was here earlier."

Phylis Robe gets a flu shot every year.

"Well, I'm a cardiac patient, so it's necessary that I get them."

She was concerned when she learned of the shortage this year.

"Well, I figured I would do the best I could. I kept listening to the news and they said just wait and there will be more later, so I did and there is."

Robe was one of many that showed up get the flu vaccination.

Julia Davidson is the clinical director of BRADD. She says, "We've seen pretty good numbers. Not everyone came all at once so that's good. Everyone's getting through really quickly."

At just after 11 o'clock nearly 600 of the 1,500 flu vaccinations had been administered.

Davidson says, "We're still seeing the high risk individuals, people 65 and older, people with chronic illness. We have seen some babies through."

People turned up to received the flu vaccinations at 7 a.m. and the flow since then stayed steady.

Davidson says, "There is not a line, so they are coming through, they're filling out their paperwork and they're right out."

Robe says she's glad she didn't have to wait in the long lines.

"I know some that stood in the long lines earlier."

And now that the FDA announced it would be brining in as many as four million flu shots from a company in Germany the government hopes the doses will be available for those who need it this year and will likely prevent a shortage next year.