The Medical Center at Franklin Gets Accreditation

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The press conference at the Medical Center at Franklin held an air of excitement. For the past four years, they have attempted to get accreditation, and now their hard work has paid off.

Clara Sumner is the CEO of the Medical Center at Franklin. She says, "Our policies and procedures changed to get our education aligned with our staff. We were successful November 18 and 19 with the survey process."

So successful, in fact, that the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations made no recommendation to change anything.

Sumner says, "With no recommendations, which is usually unheard of. The staff is extremely excited, and it just furthers our commitment to the community."

Accreditation is awarded for three years. To gain accreditation, Joint Commissions visit health care organizations and conduct surveys. During the survey, select patients are randomly chosen to evaluate standards of compliance.

Sumner says, "They would actually select a patient and go through every process of that patients stay. So it takes them into every department of the facility to see that we're operating effectively and safely."

The hospital's director of nursing and patient care services, Eric Hagan, says it is not only and honor for the hospital, but it could draw more industry to Franklin.

Eric Hagan says, "I think it's good for the community because hopefully it will help their recruitment efforts in getting more industries here. Knowing that we have an accredited hospital that is similar meets the same standards as more renowned hospitals."