Targeting Your Hometown: Allendale

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The community of Allendale in Northern Green County is home to nearly 300 people. This small town was recently struck by tragedy, when a tractor accident nearly took the life of a neighbor.

While mowing a field, Jim Tom Milby was run over by his tractor and bush hog. To save his life, doctors amputated his leg. Milby remained in a coma for more than eight weeks in a Louisville hospital. He is now at home and on the road to recovery.

Although a remarkable story, the days and weeks following the accident showcased the character of the folks who live in and around this community.

While hospitalized, neighbors harvested the family's tobacco crop, built a wheelchair accessible porch, paid their bills; they even graveled the driveway. The Milby's said it would have been impossible to make it without the financial and emotional support of their neighbors. They added, it's the type of support that only comes from living in a small community such as Allendale.