Police Advise Residents to Protect Homes This Thanksgiving

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The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons bring friends and family, but they also bring an annual rise in residential burglaries.

Since Nov. 15, roughly ten burglaries have been reported to area police. And that's a number that could rise as residents leave home for the holidays.

"When we got to checking, they had broken down the back door and had to pry down another door to in the house," explained Gail King , a burglary victim.

On Nov. 15, King arrived home to catch three burglars in the act. They made a break down Spring Hollow Ave., leaving King's home ransacked.

"The worst thing is, you're violated. My son is terrified right now," King said.

But King had taken precautions. Her doors were locked, bolted and chained.

She'd even left a light on. Now with Thanksgiving days away, area police are advising residents leaving town to convince burglars that someone's still home.

"Just purchase a very inexpensive timer that you can hook a lamp up to, so it will come on at a certain time, and go off at a certain time," explained Barry Pruitt, police officer with the Bowling Green Police Dept.

But of course, securing the doors remains a top priority. Officer Pruitt
says the average burglar will only spend 15 to 20 seconds trying to break down a door before giving up.

That's something the locksmiths at Parson's know well.

"They want to get in as quickly as they can, and get out as quickly as they can," Lisa Parson explained.

Parson's suggestion? Purchase an entry door security bar.

But perhaps the simplest advice, is to just call in a favor from a neighbor.

"Have someone check the house, maybe get the newspaper. If you're gone a couple of days, nothing says 'I'm not home' like a pile of newspapers on the front porch," Officer Pruitt suggested.

They're all tips that King hopes others take to heart to avoid an incident like hers over the holidays.

"We're just more cautious. We just continue to make sure everything's locked down the best that we can," King said.

Officer Pruitt's other tips for avoiding a home burglary are leaving a television on inside your home and installing motion detector lights outside.


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