People of Hiseville Vote to Shut Down City Government

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"To say the least, I'm very disappointed in the results of the election. I feel like it has really set this community back to the 60s. Before they had city government here," says former Hiseville mayor Bill Phillips.

After dedicating 24 years of his life to being the mayor of Hiseville, Bill Phillips now has to shut down the city he loves so much.

Phillips says, "Judge (Davie) Greer and I are working with the county attorney and the city attorney to try a smooth transition here of all funds. And everything the city has over to the county."

The city helped form the fire department. Now, the Hiseville Fire Department will still exist, but they will not be eligible for city grants. They will be eligible for Barren County's fire grants, which are distributed evenly through ten fire departments. The fire department isn’t the only thing city government was responsible for.

Phillips says they, "Upgraded all the streets here in town and built sidewalks to all the schools and the churches and post office."

The city government was dissolved because the city wanted to raise taxes. That's because the city had some debt and now that debt will transfer to the county.

Phillips says, "We have some debt. We're trying to work with the county attorney and the city attorney. There are some problems we are going to have to address. We don't have a solution to that at the moment."

Mayor Phillips says he is disappointed the people voted to disband the city government.

Phillips says, "Some friends have told me not to take it personally. But when you've given so much and loved every minute of doing it, it hurts. It really does."