Airlines and Travelers Facing Holiday Traveling Woes Already

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Airlines and travelers were hoping for a smooth ride this busy holiday week.

But foggy weather, winds, and snow are already causing ripples of trouble.

ABC's Jeremy Hubbard is in Washington with a look at what's in store for the Thanksgiving rush.

Heavy fog late last night and early this morning in Los Angeles.

Equipment problems at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

Delays in New York, Piladelphia, Chicago, and Alanta.

For some, the holiday travel headaches are already throbbing.

"We're, going to need a lot of patience today, that's for sure," said one airline passenger.

In Burbank, California fog temporarily shut down the airport leaving hundreds of travelers stranded.

"I am kind of tired. I have been here for 15 hours, it has been a nightmare," explained another passenger.

And then there's the weather.

Snow has already hit parts of the Northwest and Northeast threatening more travel woes.

Winter weather is also expected to hit Colorado and move across parts of the Midwest.

For travelers whose flights do get through, the TSA unveiled a new video on its website this week called Simpli-Fly, with tips on how to breeze through security checkpoints.

One new tip: pack your carry-on in layers--clothes, then electronics, then toiletries, so inspectors can look through them quickly.

"Think the whole travel experience through. Call in advance, arrive here, simplify the bag," said George Naccara, of the Transportation Safety Administration

On the highways expect a crowd.

Despite a gas price jump of another 13-cents over the last two weeks to an average of $3.09 a gallon. Triple-A says traffic will be up from last Thanksgiving.

Nearly 39-million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home.

27-million others will travel by air this holiday.

With that many flyers comes a warning.

The airlines say get to the airport at least two hours early, in case the lines are long.

The FAA says flights bound for New York's airport and Chicago's O'Hare International Airport were experiencing delays of more than an hour.

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