Children First: Gatorland

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According to the National Campaign to prevent teen pregnancy Kentucky's teen pregnancy rates have declined.

In fact in the late 90s pregnancy rates dropped by seven percent. Although that's good news, teen moms are still out there and need help, especially when it comes to childcare.

Amy Taylor, co-director of Greenwood High School's learning center Gatorland, is says there has been a decrease in teen pregnancy, especially at Greenwood. She's says in the past ten years the number of teen parents using the daycare at school has decreased.

Originally when the high school was built the daycare was funded by the state to help teen parents. Since that time the funding was pulled after the decrease. The school board decided to still fund Gatorland but recently with the slim state budget Gatorland directors wanted to take precautions to keep the daycare running.

So they received daycare licensing. This way the daycare can still accept children from any parents and keep helping teen moms at the high school. Taylor says most importantly teen moms can still receive their high school diploma.

If you are interested in sending your child to Gatorland you can call the school at (270) 842-3627.