President Bush Uses His Power to Pardon Two Turkeys

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Two turkeys will get to gobble another day thanks to President Bush.

He has used his pardon power to spare the pair from the Thanksgiving platter.

America's favorite Thanksgiving treat.

We buy them, season them, bake them, fry them and carve them.

Last year, we ate more than 46-million turkeys. This year, we'll feast on millions more, minus a few blessed birds.

"We have a message--you cannot take the heat, and you will definitely stay out of the kitchen," said President Bush.

President Bush pardoned May, the National Thanksgiving Turkey, and his backup, Flower.

The birds seemed to appreciate the gesture.

May is a 21-week-old, 45- pound bird from Des Boise, Iowa. He and Flower join the ranks of two pardoned turkey's in Iowa.

Governor Chet Culver spared them yesterday.

"We wish them a long, healthy and happy life," said the governor.

Last week, Alabama Governor Bob Riley gave Clyde the Turkey a break.

School children celebrated his pardon with song.

Which makes you wonder, with all of these free birds, come Thursday, what will the rest of us eat?

May and Flower will fly first class to Orlando.

Both will be grand marshals in Disney's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The birds will live permanently in Mickey Mouse's backyard.

The ceremony marked the 60th anniversary of the presidential pardoning of the turkey.

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