Hart County High Latest School to Confirm MRSA Case

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Hart County High School is scrubbed down after a confirmed case of staph infection.

Recently, we've seen a rise in the number of reports of the drug-resistant and potentially deadly MRSA strain of staph infection.

Schools across the country and here in South-Central Kentucky have been affected.

Hart County High School joined that list Nov. 19 with its first confirmed case.

Hart County is the latest area school to have a confirmed case of MRSA.

School officials say they were notified just before school let out Monday afternoon and immediately began to disinfect the building, according to instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"We specifically targeted the classrooms where the student had been in attendance, as well as all the common areas such as the library, cafeteria, the gym, restrooms and water fountains," explained Chris Mueller, principal of
Hart County High School.

"I'm also Lysoling my desk and the doorknobs and everything when the students leave. It's probably unnecessary but it doesn't hurt to take those precautions," added teacher Debbie Fowler.

The school used its automated phone system to notify parents, faculty and staff.

It says attendance has not been an issue.

"Our attendance today is right in line with what it would be normally with any day prior to an extended holiday break and we feel like our school is clean and ready for school today," assured Principal Mueller

Officials are not releasing the name of the student to protect his or her anonymity, but do say the student is not hospitalized and is recovering.

Mueller says the custodial staff used the prescribed procedure from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



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