Travel on Day Before Thanksgiving Surprisingly Smooth

The highways and fly-ways are clogged, coast-to-coast at this hour.

It is "get-away day" for millions of pilgrims trekking to their Thanksgiving dinners.

So far, so good.

Travel on the dreaded day before Thanksgiving has been surprisingly smooth.

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, the country's busiest airport, even the usually jam packed security lines were moving swiftly.

"It was wonderful.It was a great day, and the weather was fine too," said Pamela Smith, air traveler.

The weather has also been cooperating in the Midwest.

Nebraska saw its first snow of the season, but the winter white isn't slowing anyone down signficantly.

All eyes are on Chicago, where many delays often begin.

Flights have been running on time, and most travelers came prepared for the worst.

"I bring my iPod, I bring my cell phone, everything," said one Thanksgiving air traveler.

"Talk to some friends, get on the internet or just take a quick nap," stated one holiday traveler.

"Go eat somewhere, I'm a big fan of that," said another traveler.

More than 38 million Americans are expected to travel 50 miles or more for the holiday, in the sky, and on the roads.

With a lot of driving still left to do, and planes 90-percent full, travelers can only hope that the rest of the getaway day runs on time.

"If anything goes wrong on this, there's no release on this, other than massive delays and cancellations," said Darryl Jenkins, Aviation Analyst.

The President ordered military airspace opened, creating a Thanksgiving express lane in the air.

But there's little he can do about traffic on the roads.

That's where all it takes is one fender bender to throw off the best-laid plans.

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