Parents Encourage Seatbelt Safety this Holiday Season

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The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is typically the heaviest travel day of the year with everyone wanting to get home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

For one Bowling Green family the holidays are now about getting a message out to drivers to help save lives.

"There's more traffic out during the Thanksgiving season holiday and you never know what can happen and they've got to make sure they're buckled up," Brenda Matlock said.

Brenda and Ben Matlock are on a mission to get drivers to buckle up.

Their daughter Jessica was killed in a car wreck in June of 2005.

"It's really devastated us. Our lives will never be the same," Matlock said.

Jessica was not wearing a seatbelt.

"This is our job now. We feel like this is our job is to help save another child out there. I don't want any other parent to go through the pain that we go through," Brenda Matlock said.

The Matlock's recently helped get a billboard put up in Bowling Green with a picture of their daughter on it encouraging drivers to buckle up.

This holiday season as more people hit the roads they are continuing to spread this message to teens and parents.

"As a parent, we need to teach our children alot better about
buckling up and always checking out on them," Ben added.

So, this holiday season before you head out on the roadways, these parents are encouraging everyone to have your seatbelt in place.

"I pray to God everyday that she would be here. Now I'm just trying to save other kids right now. That's my main goal. I hope parents listen too," Ben said.

Along with wearing your seatbelt this Thanksgiving, if you're out on the roadways there are a number of other traffic tips to remember.

Observe posted speed limits and traffic laws such as moving over for stopped emergency vehicles.

Also, allow for plenty of time to reach your destination and avoid driving when you are drowsy.

Each year over 1,500 fatalities can be attributed to drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

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