Students Create Seatbelt Awareness Program

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What started out as a community service project for the advanced seventh grade science class at Metcalfe County Middle School has turned into a seatbelt safety awareness program.

Leanne Hubbard teaches the class. She says, "Probably the biggest contributing factor would be the large number of students who had been injured in the past few years by not wearing seatbelts."

The project was no small feat. Students created a program they call 311. It stands for three seconds, one chance, one life.

Morgan Bell knows someone who wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was seriously injured. She says, "It was my brother and his truck was hit by a dump truck and the truck laid on him and it broke a few little bones in his back."

The 23 students created a Web page, e-book, a Power Point presentation, a brochure, and more. It took four months of coming to school early and staying late. Sometimes they even came in on Saturdays. But they say it was worth it.

Bryce Steele helped do the Power Point presentation. He says, "It makes me feel pretty good. We could change somebody's life."

Hubbard says, "Once one person sees it, hopefully it sticks in their minds and they'll talk to someone else and we can create a big system of seatbelt users."

And hopefully save lives.