Glasgow Walmart Case Goes to Ky Supreme Court

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Linda Williams says she was forced to resign from the Glasgow Walmart where she worked for 10 years after managers accused her of stealing a 59-cent bottle of water.

According to Williams, even though she had the receipt to prove she'd paid for the water, store managers gave her two options. WIlliams could either sign resignation papers admitting she'd stolen the water, or go to jail.

"I wasn't going to sign because I knew I needed the money because it was just my son and I, but after they told me they'd call security and throw me in jail, I signed because I was scared."

With no job and mounting medical bills, WIlliams decided to fight back in court.

Seven years later, a Barren County jury awarded Williams $625,000. The case has been tied up in court since then and Williams hasn't received a cent.

"They haven't given me anything. I haven't seen any of that money, not one penny."

WBKO contacted Walmart officials who declined to comment on the case. Officials did tell us that Walmart doesn't discriminate against any of its employees.

Now, Williams hopes Kentucky's highest court will put an end to a decade of turmoil.

"I'm a Christian and I've never done anything like that and I wouldn't.
I never knew what they were talking about."