Area Sheriff Reacts to Allegations of Wrongdoing

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Warren County Sheriff responds to allegations of neglect, fraud and mismanagement.

Tuesday, Warren County Republican candidate for sheriff, Allen Houchin, made those and other accusations about current Sheriff Jerry "Peanuts" Gaines.

In a recently released statement, Gaines states: "I flatly deny Mr. Houchin's wild accusation of fraud and misuse of taxpayers money. I am not a perfect man, but I take great pride in being sheriff of Warren County. I have built a reputation of being a good sheriff and have great respect for the office and for the trust that people have given me."

Georgia Whittamore was another individual mentioned in the slew of allegations. Houchin accuses her of going against County Personnel Code, by using a county-issued cell phone while no longer being employed by the Sheriff's Department. He also contends Whittamore continued using fuel cards in her name, filling-up for 8 consecutive months after her departure.

In an exclusive interview, Whittamore denies ever using ComFuel cards once she left her moonlighting job as a civil-server. She contends her cards were left in the county car and most likely never changed.

Houchin says the sheriff went against Warren Co. Personnel Code by allowing Whittamore to use 1 of his 4 department-issued cell phones. In response, Whittamore says she did use the cell phone but paid the county back for the charges. She believes the cell phone was given as an amiable gesture from a compassionate man, after finding out that her son had been in a serious accident and slipped into a coma. After traveling to Georgia the roaming charges added up to more than $2,000. According to the Sheriff's Department, Whittamore reimbursed the department for the pricey phone bill.

On Tuesday, Houchin says he plans on sending these allegations, as well as many others detailed in a lengthy packet, to the KSP Special Investigations Unit and the Attorney General's office.

In response to the investigations, Sheriff Gaines states: "I not only deny Mr. Houchin's accusation of improprieties, but welcome an investigation of these allegations by the Commonwealth Attorney's Office and appropriate authorities."

Sheriff Gaines is expected back in Bowling Green on Thursday.