O.J. Simpson Pleads Not Guilty to Charges

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O.J. Simpson and two co-defendants pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and robbery charges today.

Simpson arrived at court to occasional shouts of encouragement.

Inside he made his formal plea in a hearing that lasted less than ten minutes.

The football star's not guilty plea was as expected. The 12 counts against him include robbery and kidnapping.

His two co-defendants also pled not guilty. Simpson seemed relaxed, even cheerful, before the hearing got underway .

All along, he has maintained that when he and five buddies went to the Palace Station Hotel and confronted two memorablia dealers in room 1203, he was simply taking back things that were stolen from him

But two of his accomplices testified O.J. told them to bring guns and both have now cut deals with the prosecution.

Yale Galanter is Simpson's attorney.

"These are not good people. They are not credible, and they should not be believed," said Yale Galanter, Simpson attormey.

The case does have questionable cast of characters, among them Simpson's golfing buddy, Walter Alexander, who admitted he offered to slant his testimony for a price.

"I really felt he was set up and I could lean toward that angle rather than telling the exact truth," stated Alexander.

And then there are the victims, memorablia dealers Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley.

After O.J. allegedly robbed them, they called the tabloids before the police.

Judge Jackie Glass set a trial date for April 7, 2008.

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