Family, Friends and Teammates Grieve After Death of NFL Star

As Sean Taylor's teammates mourn his death, The NFL's player's family is gathering in South Florida to grieve.

Taylor was fatally shot in his home on Monday, Nov. 26.

Police have no description of a possible suspect and say they're still investigating whether the shooting is connected to a break-in at Taylor's home eight days earlier.

"I'm in disbelief. A young man who had his best season going on this year, to be taken out the way it happened it's just, it's ridiculous," said Joe Gibbs, Redskins coach.

From the fans that cheered for the young NFL star on television, to the players and coaches of the Washington Redskins who worked with Sean Taylor everyday.

"He will be missed by all of us. We hold him close to our hearts. This is just a tough situation right now," added Gibbs.

Disbelief across the country, that a 24-year-old in the prime of his pro-football career is now dead.

A victim of murder.

"This will be something that no one will be prepared for, so we're taking it one hour at a time and go forward and see what we can do," stated Gibbs.

Miami police say on Nov. 26, Monday morning, someone broke into Taylor's home. Two shots were fired, one hit a wall, the other Taylor.

A fatal blow when the bullet severed the femoral artery in his leg. The all-star safety died early on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Taylor's father, also a police officer, begs for anyone with information to speak up.

"Own up to it and say, you know what, maybe it was a mistake," said Pedro Taylor, Sean Taylor's father.

Today, Taylor's friends and former coaches paid their respects at his Florida high school.

"You were taken from us and your family way too soon. It doesn't seem real that you're gone, it's difficult to comprehend," explained John McCloskey, a Florida high school assistant football coach.

Police say Taylor's home was broken into a little more than a week before this incident. At that time the intruders put a kitchen knife on his bed.

Police are still looking into any possible connection between the two cases.

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