Family Decides To Donate Money For Wheelchair

In Louisville, a tragic story with a happy ending.

It began when a wheelchair was stolen from a little girl with cerebral palsy.

A viewer saw the story and decided to help out.

It's sad that good things can come out of bad situations.

Terry Bass says when she and her family saw our story on Monday, Nov. 26, she knew she had to do something.

"My husband and I were watching the story, and we are both involved in children's issues and thought no way, we can't believe someone would take a wheelchair," explained Terri Bass, the person who donated the money for wheelchair.

Monday morning, Erin White left her daughter Audrey's wheelchair on the steps outside their home on Texas Avenue.

She ran inside to get Audrey and in less than five minutes, the chair vanished.

"That's her legs, that's how she moves around," explained White.

Audrey has cerebral palsy. She can't talk, is visually impaired, and can't walk un-assisted.

So when we told Erin that someone wanted to replace the stolen chair that is worth up to $5,000, emotions overcame her.

"I'm about to start crying. It's so nice and it would help Audrey a lot, it would make her life better. She has got her hands full, and she has more than enough to take care of when everything is going well. So to not have the wheelchair, to get her in and out of the house is such a simple thing, debilitating for the whole family, " explained White.

Erin says she still doesn't know what happened to Audrey's chair, but she's grateful that so many people wanted to help.

"I didn't realize how many nice people there are out there, I kind of did know it, but this is showing me. Let's all pitch in and do what we can for each other. I do believe that what you give you will receive," said White.

White said all the kindness has served as an antidote to the anger and disappointment she felt on Nov. 26 when the chair was stolen.

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