Housefire Kills Three

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The mother of the adult children 79-year-old Iva Gaskie and two of her children, 53-year-old Helen Gaskie and 51-year-old Charles Gaskie, died in the fire.

"I've known them all my life. I'd help them take them to the doctor to get their medicine and the grocery. Stuff like that."

James Wallace has been helping the Gaskie family since 1988. He was out getting the family's groceries when he heard what had happened.

Logan County Sheriff, Wallace Whitaker, "We found out there were three victims missing. Basically, what we have now are three bodies inside the house. And we're waiting for the debris to cool off to retrieve the bodies."

The fire happened in north Logan County on Fagg Road.

Whitaker says, "This is a remote area of Logan County. It's right on the Muhlenberg-Logan line."

Roadworkers were out putting gravel on the old country road. When they got to the end of it is when they found the house completely consumed by flames.

Whitaker says, "They found people outside in a small building. So they immediately called the Logan County Sheriff's Department where we had two officers respond to it."

The cause of fire is still under investigation by the state fire marshal’s office. But the Logan County Sheriff's Office says they believe it was caused by one of the deceased smoking in bed. And James Wallace says this is not the first time there has been a fire at the family's home.

Wallace says, "They smoked a whole lot, and they had a bad habit of catching the mattress on fire. They burnt two or three mattresses up."

Now, Wallace says the family is struggling to figure out what to do next.

Wallace says, "It hurts deep. It's gonna be bad. The other four are at my house. They are gonna stay there until we figure out what to do with them."