WKU Fraternities Going Dry

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Following years of negative stereotypes and high liability, Western's fraternity houses are going dry. Advisory Committee Co-Chair Joe Tinius says this is a decision that needed to be made, and one he's sure will cause controversy.

"I'm sure, initially, students aren't going to be real pleased with it. Hopefully, in the long run they can see it will provide a safer place to go to school."

University officials met with fraternity presidents and advisors Wednesday morning to discuss the new policy, which will take effect immediately.

The new policy won't change the rules for WKU sororities and two fraternities that are already alcohol-free by choice.

Tinius says the recommendation stems from a nationwide alcohol problem on college campuses.

"The university needs to do everything it can to provide a safe environment for students. Recently there have been a number of alcohol related deaths at fraternity houses so I think to ignore that would not be in the best interest of Western."