Catron Settlement Ends Convention Center Controversy

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A settlement between the city of Bowling Green and former Convention Center Corporation board member Steve Catron will effectively end the ongoing Convention center lawsuit, and controversy.

The two-year long controversy surrounds allegations that Catron misspent or over billed the CCC for more than $750,000 in public funds over a period of years.

The city filed a lawsuit against Catron in May, seeking the return of the funds. Attorneys for the city and Catron, along with City Commissioner Jim Bullington, met with a mediator in Louisville in October, and this settlement is the result of that summit.

As part of the agreement, no one is admitting any fault, the city agrees not to pursue any further legal action, and the Catrons and other companies named in the suit agree to pay the CCC $260,000. The city is estimated to have already spent over $100,000 in legal fees on this case before the mediation.

Mayor Sandy Jones gave the city's first and only public statement concerning the settlement. "We are pleased to announce that all parties have reached a settlement regarding the issues surrounding the Convention Center Corporation and the city of Bowling Green. Without the admission of fault by any party, all parties have released each other, and this case is over," Jones said.