A Smelly Situation

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Several Franklin home and business owners are claiming the city is responsible for multiple sewage back-ups. Monday night many concerned residents presented their case once again to the City Council. At the heart of the problem is raw sewage, and who's responsible for the problem, damages and clean-up costs.

It's happened to a number of residents, in a number of Franklin locations. Tenant Terry Chandler was one of those who had to deal with raw sewage backing up in his tub, sink and toilet. In a matter of minutes, several gallons of the sludge spilled onto the floor, seeped down air ducts and ultimately caused thousands of dollars worth of damage

The city maintains most of the cases are the result of flash flooding or defective plumbing, so the city isn't responsible for the damage. Franklin Mayor Jim Arnold points to a city ordinance passed 7 years ago. The ordinance requires home and business owners to install what is called a "check-valve." Arnold claims the valve, which retails for under $40, will allow waste to flow freely into the city's sewer lines, but stop the excess sewage from flowing back into homes. Many residents say they have never heard of such an ordinance. Arnold maintains it was published in the county paper.