Lifeskills & BG Govt. Meet, No Progress

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WBKO has learned the Bowling Green City Commission and some city staff members met with Lifeskills CEO Dale Bond and his attorney Tuesday afternoon, but no agreement has been reached in the ongoing standoff over the proposed Lifeskills relocation.

The previous city commissoin approved a land swap contract that requires the city to use eminent domain to buy up a block of land on the corner of 6th and State Streets, and then turn that land over to Lifeskills for a new 40,000 square ft. headquarters building.

But the federal and state governments have expressed concerns over the demolition of historic property on the site, and project has been put on hold. Newly elected city commissioners and the mayor have expressed reservations about the plan, saying they support Lifeskills, but are worried about the proposed location.

"They're an important part of our community, we want to keep them in the city. But we also need to protect the public as well and the public funds and interest with the federal and state governments saying we can't take that block," Mayor Elaine Walker said yesterday.

Walker says a dialogue is open between the two sides, but no new deal has been reached. Lifeskills had planned to break ground on the site last month.