Central City Elementary Teaching CPR

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"Pinch the nose and give two breaths. Breathe!"

At Central City Elementary the fifth grade students are learning a lifesaving lesson.

Teacher, Guyla Conway: "We are training children to do CPR in case of an emergency."

Student, Jacob Edmisson: "I think it is going to be very helpful if there is ever an accident that we should be involved in. Because nowadays not very many people are learning CPR. So I think this is a very good operation for us to be doing."

Dan Miller is the instructor for the class.

"Blow Breathe. Go back to the chest."

He says it's great way to build self-esteem through the character counts program.

Dan Miller: "When you do CPR and you bring someone back to life that is a big accomplishment. And by teaching them this here that gives the confidence that there's nothing they can't accomplish."

Amy Patel says it's a great confidence booster. Amy Patel: "Because you're saving someone's life and it's really great."

Miller's second grade daughter Lauren is also CPR certified. Lauren Miller: "I practice at home. I have my own cards and it says I can save a person's life and it tells me that I can do it."

Students say it's a lot fun and a good way to learn.

Edmisson: "It has been a very fun day."

Conway: "They're loving it. It's hands on stuff that they know is important."

Miller: "Now do your breathing. Look, listen, feel. For how many seconds? Five!

Central City Elementary has been teaching the students CPR for four years now. The students who complete the program are all given lifesaver certificates.