Country Begins to Learn More About Colorado Gunman

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We are learning more about the Colorado gunman who killed four people and wounded five others on Dec. 9.

He chose religious sites for both his deadly attacks.

24-year-old Matthew Murray was no stranger to the Youth With A Mission training camp in Arvada, where his killing spree began.

Five years ago he joined the program, but when he signed up for the field training, Murray was turned down.

"The program directors felt that the issues related to his health made it unsafe for him to do so," said Peter Warren, director of Youth With A Mission.

Murray grew up in a house, in what his friends call a deeply religious Christian household.

"On behalf of our family and our son we ask for forgiveness. We cannot understand why this has happened," stated Pastor Phil Abeyta, Murray's uncle.

Authorities believe Murray posted messages on the web. His most recent one was Dec. 9 after killing Tiffany Johnson and Phillip Crouse at the Arvada Facility.

Police say he posted these words on the website, a rant borrowed from by one of the Columbine killers -- "You Christians brought this on yourselves. I'm coming for everyone soon and I will be armed to the teeth and I will shoot to kill."

And he did.

13 hours later he arrived at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Police say he was carrying an assault rifle, two handguns, smoke bombs and a thousand rounds of ammunition.

After taking the lives of sisters Stephanie and Rachel Works, Murray was shot by a security guard.

However, one of his own bullets took his life.

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