California State Toxicologists: Effects of Caffeine On Pregnant Women Overwhelming

Do beverages containing enhanced caffeine levels pose a risk to pregnant women?

The state of California thinks they might, and they are going to spend the next year studying whether sodas and energy drinks with added caffeine should carry warning labels.

State toxicologists say the evidence of the effects of caffeine on pregnant women is overwhelming.

"The majority of studies reported adverse outcomes, such as spontaneous abortions, decreased fetal growth and birth weight," said Farla Kaufman, Ph.D.

The caffeine warning label would not apply to products where caffeine is added, like sodas and fatigue-fighting pills.

Some caffeinated energy drinks already print a warning to pregnant women.

The warning label would be required in products where caffeine is naturally occurring, like coffee, tea and chocolate.

The beverage and the over-the-counter medicine industries oppose the label requirement, saying the evidence is to conflicting.

The direct correlation between caffeine and a risky pregnancy is not conclusive.

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