Speaker Of The House Looking Forward to Working With Beshear

The first day of Steve Beshear's administration may be full of festivities, but Speaker of the House Jody Richards is looking forward to getting to work with the new governor-elect.

Via telephone, Richards called Beshear a seasoned leader.

He says Steve Beshear will emphasize education and will be interested in South-Central Kentucky businesses.

Richards adds that he also looks forward to working with Beshear's administration.

"One thing I really like about it is that the people he's entrusted with the most important cabinet positions, by and large, are people with a great deal of business experience and state government experience," said Jody Richards.

Richards adds that at the top of his wish list is making I-65 from the Louie Nunn Parkway to Elizabethtown a six lane road.

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