Caudill Changes Plea

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In a move that surprised no one, former Warren County Attorney Mike Caudill swithced his plea to "guilty" on charges he stole more than $15,000 from federal taxpayers.

"I accept responsibility for these actions," Caudill said in court Tuesday. Caudill had pleaded not guilty to the same charges in a federal hearing last month, but that was widely viewed as a procedural move.

Caudill confessed Tuesday to billing more than $15,000 in federal funds for child support collection work that he never actually performed. That admission comes after Caudill plead guilty in state court in January to using $56,000 in county funds for his own personal business.

Caudill faces a federal prison sentence of 10-16 months, in addition to an expected jail sentence on the state charges. He will begin paying the federal government back at a rate of $138.88 per month for the next 9 years.

Under questioning from the judge Tuesday, Caudill revealed he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and was hospitalized at the Medical Center for treatment last year. He also said he has never been diagnosed with or treated for drug or alcohol addiction.

Caudill will be back in state court later this month for sentencing, and will be sentenced in federal court on May 2.