Retailers Expect Business to Increase Significantly in Coming Weeks

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The National Retail Association says each of you are expected to spend close to $900 dollars in holiday shopping this year.

Most of those sales receipts will ring up in the next two weeks, leading up to Christmas Day.

So department stores are preparing for the onslaught of last-minute shoppers.

"It's been insane. It's been really busy especially the day after Thanksgiving, Saturdays and weekends," said Ashley West, a Dawahare's sales associate.

West has been working hard the past few weeks, making sure the large swarm of holiday shoppers find the gifts they're looking for.

The store is expected to see 70-percent more customers in the next two weeks than they usually do, which means a heavier workload.

"Our shipments have a lot more boxes in them. We're always folding something. We constantly have to go back and fold something like sweaters that people have picked up and looked at," West said.

In addition to longer hours--

"All the management team here will work six days a week to make sure that we're fully-staffed and we're prepared for all the holiday traffic," said store manager Dawn Blair-Cherry.

Blair-Cherry says in her seven years in retail, last-minute shopping is becoming a more common trend.

"Actually shoppers are shopping later. It seems like every years they tend to wait until the last minute to shop, so these next two weeks are going to be record days for us," Blair-Cherry noted.

The store is expected to make all of its profit for the year from these next two weeks.

West says despite the great number of sales, there's a major downside to the "holiday rush."

"It's so busy that it can be frustrating trying to ring people up, trying to help other people that are asking questions or asking for a dressing room," West said.

In order to be productive, West has figured out one thing.

While she's enjoying the work, West is glad the holiday shopping season isn't year-round.

"It's fun. It's good it's not like this all the time," West said with a chuckle.

Blair-Cherry added that although the holiday season officially ends after the new year, she still expects a lot of people to continue shopping into late January.

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