Hannah Montana Mania

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18,000 people--that's how many will be at the "Hannah Montana" concert in Lexington Dec. 12. Two of the girls attending this sold out concert are from right here in South Central Kentucky.

It's the hit Disney show and concert that has kids across the country talking and singing.

"Nobody's perfect, I got to work it, again and again 'till I get it right," Makenzie McDonald and Julia Gensheimer sang.

Makenzie McDonald and Julia Gensheimer are in the 5th grade in Bowling Green and are huge "Hannah Montana" fans, the show about a regular girl by day and a teen rock star by night.

"She's really good," McDonald said.

"Yeah, she's really good. It's just awesome. It's a great show and it's just really cool. I think a lot of people like her," Gensheimer added.

So many in fact, the "Hannah Montana" shows keep selling out.

But, these girls have a ticket. Their mom's surprised them last month.

"We just opened the envelope and then started screaming," Makenzie and Julia said.

"So it's been a month of crazy. When is it? When is it?," said Julia's mom, Debra Gensheimer, who gets those questions from her daughter.

The girls saw Miley Cyrus in concert just last year when she opened up for another group, so they're prepared for this concert.

"Magazines, posters, pillows, dolls," the girls say in reference to items they are taking on their trip.

With tickets sold-out, they won't even be with their moms.

"The girls will be sitting next to each other and she's a row behind, but I'm kind of around on the other side of the arena," assured Makenzie's mom, Erika McDonald.

Which they say is okay.

"We'll do anything for the girls!" the two moms agree.

The two moms say they also enjoy the show because they believe the songs in it send a positive message to young girls today.

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