High School Murder for Hire

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Eight-hundred students attend Muhlenberg North High School. So when a female freshman allegedly asked a male freshman to kill a student at Muhlenberg South Middle School the word quickly got out.

Principal, Denny Vincent: "There were friends of their that learned the info and knew it was serious and they reported the info to one of the assistant principals."

The Pennyrile Drug Task Force is now investigating.

Pennyrile Drug Task Force Director, Cheyenne Albro: "We have established some motives. I can't go into a lot of detail. Basically our belief at this time it's probably revenge."

When police searched the hired student they found $200.

Vincent: "He did receive the money for it. His story to us was he wasn't going to carry it out."

And while threats of fighting among adolescents are common police say this was no game.

Albro: "Through the investigation we had conducted we have gathered enough evidence they were sincere in what they were trying to do."

Typically students at Muhlenberg North High School students talk about last night's football game or homework assignments, but conversation has turned to a different issue. One that Principal Vincent hasn't seen in his 26 years as a principal.

Vincent: "I've never had a situation in my experience where one student was going to hire another student to do this kind of harm."

And now the students are facing serious charges...

Albro: "It a possibility there may be another student charged."

Vincent: "I don't think either of these students understand the gravity and the importance of what they did. And yeah their lives are going to change."

Police are still trying to determine if the student was hired to just beat up the other student or if he was actually hired to kill him.

Principal Vincent says the school has taken several phone calls from parent concerned about safety and he assures us there is nothing to worry about. He says the two accused students have had some minor behavior problems in the past.

Police tell us a third student may also be charged. They also say the school handled the situation properly and they commend the students who provided the information.