Students Credited for Stopping Murder for Hire

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Principal Denny Vincent: "We try to talk to our kids not only in groups at the beginning of the school year but in our classes about making threats is extremely serious."

Muhlenberg North High School administrators teach students from day one the significance of any and all threats made.

Vincent: "We want to get kids to the point where they will report these things. And we also want to get them to the point where if a kid makes a threat against someone else, other kids know to step in and say that's wrong. You can't do that."

School board officials say any threats will be taken seriously to avoid tragedies like the one at Columbine High school where two students went on a killing spree and then took their own lives.

Officials say if brave students had not come forward with information in this murder for hire plot there could have been another terrible outcome.

Superintendent Dale Todd: "We uncovered something that could have potentially been a disaster to families and the entire school system."

Police covering the case say school officials also deserve recognition for their handling of this incident...

Cheyenne Albro, Director Pennyrile Drug Task Force: "I would like to praise the school system for the way they treated this. They were on top of it from the beginning."

Principal Vincent says the student training is paying off.

Vincent: "I'm not sure that we're where we want to be, but we're moving in that direction."