Goodrum's Trial Moved to Owensboro

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Katie Autry was raped and murdered in Warren County....but the trial of the man accused of the crime will be moving out of the county.

Lucas Goodrum's death penalty trial will be heard by jury in owensboro.....that's the decision from judge Tom Castlen today.

Goodrum's attorneys filed a motion last week asking for a change of venue....and they cited a survey they conducted as the basis for that request.

The private phone poll showed that of the 400 potential warren county jurors surveyed.......97% have heard of the katie autry murder case.....and there were 16 times more people who thought goodrum was guilty than those who thought he was innocent.

Prosecutors argued this request came too late....and had questions about the surveys methods....

Judge Castlen agreed that this request to move the trial came late in the game.....but decided to move the march 1st trial to his home turf in owensboro.

Goodrum is accused of raping and murdering western freshman katie autry in her dorm room in may of 2003.

Goodrum's attorneys argued today that Owensboro in Daviess county is still too close to hold the trial....because it borders hancock county where Katie Autry went to high school.