Busiest Shipping Day of the Year Hits Post Offices

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It's estimated that Monday was the busiest shipping day of the year at post offices, with one billion letters, Christmas cards, and packages expected to be mailed.

That's more than three times the daily average.

Barbara Robertson is mailing two very important packages to her 19-year-old son, Matt, in Iraq.

"My son won't be back until next summer," Barbara explained. "So, we just want him to know that we're back here, thinking about him, praying for him."

But Barbara has to spend some time in line during the busiest mailing day of the year.

Today, there are 120,000 letters and 15,000 packages circulating through the Bowling Green Post Office alone. And, according to post office officials, there's more mail headed to the Middle East this year than ever before.

"Nationwide, I believe they're sending 20-million pounds this Christmas season over to Iraq and Afghanistan," explained John Powell, Post Office Customer Service supervisor.

"In the last 14 mailing days, we've had 12 additional 747s that we've had to get to take over to the soldiers, sailors, Marine Corps and Coast Guard that are serving in the Middle East," added Alex Ray Lackey, Bowling Green Post Master.

It's a strong outpour of support for those overseas, and that's news that this soldier's mom is more than happy to hear.

"Just thanks for all the prayers and all the packages being sent over," Barbara concluded.

Although Monday is the heaviest mailing day of the year, the post office says they won't be resting easy for a few days.

Wednesday is the heaviest delivery day of the year.

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