Goodrum Case May Move to Louisville

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Defense attorneys for accused murderer Lucas Goodrum are asking the judge in his death penalty case to move the trial again, and delay the start of the case until November.

Special Judge Tom Castlen granted a defense request for change of venue last week, moving the case from Bowling Green to Owensboro. Now, the defense is asking Castlen to move the trial to Jefferson County (Louisville) and wait until November to start.

Defense attorneys conducted a phone survey of 400 potential jurors in Warren County in January, and say the results show a jury pool tainted by pretrial publicity. Judge Castlen agreed, and moved the trial to his home turf of Owensboro. But Goodrum's attorneys point to a phone survey of Daviess County conducted Feb. 13th which they say shows that jury pool is similarly biased.

According to a motion filed Monday, prosecutors and defense attorneys agree that the case should be moved to Louisville, and continued until November, the next open date on Castlen's trial calendar.

Judge Castlen is expected to rule on the request in the next 2-3 days, Goodrum's trial in Owensboro is currently set to begin March 1st.