Anonymous North Carolina Man Pays For All Mail Sent to Armed Forces

It's a random act of kindness that has everyone in the town of Waynesville, North Carolina talking.

Someone picked up the tab for every single piece of postage being sent to members of the armed forces serving overseas.

Heather Graf has more on this anonymous donation.

Its four days before Christmas. You expect the post office parking lot to be full, the doors to be swinging, and the lines to be long.

But no one, could have expected this.

Free postage, for every package being sent to American military serving overseas.

"Some of them have this look on their face like, are you sure? are you sure I'm not gonna have to pay for this today?" said Chip Hendricks, post office clerk.

But postal workers say they're not the ones behind this random act of kindness, it's one of their customers.

"A person just came in one day with some money and said here, spread this out and pay for any package that comes in for any military family," said Kelley Mitcham, another post office clerk.

Families, like the Curtins - who's son is stationed in Iraq.

Families, who are now searching for a way to say thank you, to a stranger they'll never know.

"I almost had tears in my eyes, because I just could not believe it. I'm a disable vet myself, that anyone could be so kind, so generous, so caring, so loving, to do this for our troops," said Terry & Patricia Curtin, military parents.

Postal workers are the only ones who know the stranger's true identity, and their lips are sealed.

"He doesn't want anyone to know, he doesn't want any parades or pats on the back. its just unbelievable, the generosity he showed to the families," said Hendricks.

It's a generosity that hits home for Kelley, whose son is also serving in Iraq.

"It just means a lot that the people in the community care enough about the guys over there serving," stated Kelley Mitcham.

Heroes who cant be home for Christmas, but thanks to a stranger's generosity, have Christmas coming to them.

" I wish I had the opportunity to shake this guy's hand, and say you are awesome," added Kelley.

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