Caverna Elem. Students & Teachers Named Hometown Heroes

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"Tis the season for giving and receiving and at Caverna Elementary School in Cave City, giving is what a large number of students and teachers are doing.
Even when it's giving to someone they don't even know.

Take a look at these 3rd graders. They seem like your average everyday kids who of course love the Christmas holiday.

"Because you get to wrap presents and open them," says student, Logan Grisson.

"You get presents and you get to see your family," says student, Catelyn Lewis.

But there's a big lesson they've learned that they are teaching this holiday season to those of all ages, and that is how to give.

"We're wrapping Christmas presents," says student, Austin Reynolds.

"It's a family in need," says student, Logan Bush.

"They need stuff for their baby and the kids," says student, Deandre Williams.

It all came about when it caught the attention of some teachers that a family in their area wasn't going to have a Christmas.

"So our children in the 3rd grade, instead of having a Christmas party and a gift exchange, they used that money to put it all together and go buy Christmas for this family," says teacher, Shelly Randolph.

It's a lesson by these kids that has inspired a number of people to get involved to help.

"It makes me feel special," says student, John Paul.

"Because of what the kids have done, the whole community has come together and said this is a really good thing," says teacher, Shelly Randolph.

Giving a family these children don't even know a chance to have a happy holiday.

"Because if we didn't do the things we did they wouldn't have a Christmas," says student, Staysha Edwards.

Making the 3rd grade students and teachers at Caverna Elementary this week's Hometown Heroes.

"Merry Christmas," shouted all the 3rd grade students.

Since the kids gave up their money for presents for this family instead of exchanging gifts in the classroom or having a party some local restaurants and residents of Cave City donated food and drinks to the kids so that they could still celebrate the holiday.

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