Bittersweet Christmas For Ross Family

With Christmas now just days away, a lot of us are looking forward to spending time with friends and family.

But for one family It'll be a bittersweet Christmas because much of their family will spend the holiday half a world away.

The Ross family has eight kids and 14 grandkids.

This year though, it will be a bit quieter with three of their sons, now three soldiers.

Randy, Ragen and Robby Ross are three of seven sons.

Until 2006, they were all three plumbers.

Now, they're all Private First Class Ross, U.S. Army, serving in Iraq.

"We have webcams, so we're going to have him on the webcam and us on the webcam, so he can see them open their presents, so that will be nice," stated Catrina Ross, the soldier's wife.

While the war will not stop for Christmas, the Ross family says they don't feel sorry for themselves.

Their patriotic pride helps them through.

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