Glasgow Family Attempts to Move On After Tragic Loss

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A Glasgow family is still trying to pick up the pieces after a fatal car wreck last week.

29-year-old Crystal Houchin was killed in a head-on collision on Highway 31-East in Glasgow.

Now her husband and three children are trying to cope with life... without Crystal.

"Her smile was just so beautiful and her eyes could just melt your heart. It melted mine the first day I met her," recalls her husband of 11 years, Christopher Houchin.

Now, Houchin and his three young kids are left with only memories of that "smile".

"It just feels like my heart was ripped out of my chest. I just wanted to know why because she was such a wonderful person. Anybody she ever met... she touched everybody," says Christopher.

The couple first met in high school.

"We dated for about 8 months, left, and got married," Christopher explains.

Christopher joined the military, but an inoperable brain tumor would later force him to be medically discharged and go on disability.

He was in Georgia visiting his doctor when he got the call.

"I was about 30 minutes away from Savannah when I received a call from my father-in-law that my wife had been in an accident and she wasn't going to make it," he says tearfully.

"Its just devastated the whole family. I don't know anybody that didn't like Crystal," explains Christopher's mother, Irene Esters.

Houchin says telling his kids was the hardest thing he's had to do.

"The next worst thing I could ever imagine doing was taking them to their momma up there laying there," he responds.

Crystal's death hurts even worse with Christmas near.

"She was so excited about this year for Christmas about celebrating Christmas in our new home together and all of our family going to be here," mentions Houchin.

Still, Christopher and his children are determined to move on... but never forget the "woman with the amazing smile."

"Me and the girls are going to make an ornament to hang on the tree for their mother and each year we'll make a new Christmas ornament to hang on the tree," Esters remarks.

"I know she's going to be here. I know i can do it cause I know she's going to be here with me," states Houchin.

Christopher's brain tumor keeps him from being able to hold down a job, so he's not sure how his family will survive without Crystal.

There is also a trust fund set up for Crystal's three kids.

If you'd like to donate to the "Crystal Houchin Memorial Fund" just go to any U.S. Bank.

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